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Get virtual tokens to use at any sports club in the One Sports Club network.
Use your virtual tokens to book onto sports sessions at a discounted rate.
Unlock access to our exclusive One Sports Club subscriber perks.

Alternatively, our pay-as-you-go option enables you to purchase access to a single sports session by making a one-off payment at a premium rate.

"Here at One Sports Club we’re on a mission to make grassroots sports participation simpler than ever. We believe that traditional sport needs modernising in order to make participation more inclusive and accessible; and that children and young people shouldn’t have to face barriers preventing them from participating in a range of sports."

Chris Evans
Personalised subscription
Everyone likes different sports. That’s why we want to give you power to gain bespoke access to the sports that are right for you. Our subscribers get customised access to the sports they want to play at a cheap rate.
Flexible access
You shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to squeeze in the sports you love. One Sports Club gives modern parents freedom and choice meaning children's sports participation can fit into parents busy routines.
Low cost, low commitment
Scared of commitment? Us too. Go solo with us: purchase one cheaper subscription replacing all of your direct memberships with individual sports clubs. Value for money without the commitment.

Our Plans

Our plans offer ultimate transparency with zero hidden costs: no contracts, no joining fees, no direct debits.

  • 10 Tokens
  • Discounted Sessions
  • Member Benefits
  • 20 Tokens
  • Discounted Sessions
  • Member Benefits